Hello, my readers. I have missed posting in my Blogg. Here’s hoping everyone’s staying safe and well, through this COVID pandemic. Please accept my sincere sympathy, to all those that have lost loved ones, RIP due to the dreaded COVID spores. I have been cocooning for the last 10 weeks, except for my 3 mornings per week dialysis sessions, that are a must, to keep me alive and my heart ticking. I don’t know about you people, but to me, it seems an eternity. At present they are not doing any Organ transplant operations in the Irish Republic hospitals. I expect it’s the same in other countries. I am due an x-ray on my beautiful Heart next Friday the 29th of May, After a severe dose of pneumonia last year, my renal Consultant temporarily suspended me, from the Kidney transplant list. This did not help my mood swings, and I got a bit low. Thankfully one of our Waterford Healing Arts Trust team, Maeve came along and got me interested in writing my second book. What an amazing lady, she lifts my mood with her caring and dynamic personality. I call her my guiding star. I’m now writing a book of short stories about my dog. My friends and followers on Facebook that follow “Alfies escapades will understand what I mean. Alfie is our Jack Russell terrier dog We adopted him on the 13th of April 2017, from the Waterford dog pound. Alfie was about two years old. He was daft as a brush. A real handful when we got him first. I started a page about his antics on Facebook. He has 400 followers. When I meet people on the street they are full of praise, for me making them laugh. Maeve said why not write the stories in a book. By doing this it has helped me through the tough times of my suspension and the COVID19 cocooning period of my life. I have a few other tests to take before I get the okay to go back on to the Kidney transplant list. Times are hard for everybody. All we can do is try to stay safe and well. Keep your distance. Look out for one another. Thank you, to all that read tonights Blogg. From the author Liz McCue.