How are you all on this bright sunny and windy day? Yesterday was my first posting for some time. Where do I stand on the Transplant list,? I’m temporarily suspended for quite a while, My kidney dialysis nurse Tessi still sends my blood for tissue typing every 3 months. This gives me faith that one day my phone will ring to welcome me back full time. I wait with anticipation for this outcome. When my strength is back on track. Where there’s smoke, there’s fire. I believe and trust my desire will come through. There is no time in the real world. Time was a man-made commodity. When the right moment comes along all will be well. At present, I’m chasing health by the tail, and holding on for dear life. I was never a quieter of things I believe in. I have fought great battles with ill-health and always manage to win. The Covid 19 has set me back. My life is like a game of snakes and ladders. I go up a few long ladders and the sneaky old snake gets a grip and down I slither. Always remember winners never quit whatever we desire, we must keep going, with hope in our heart and focus in our mind’s eyes. I have lots of goals set that I am aiming towards my readers. I write them down on a vision board and look at them regularly. I find this a great help to me. It helps me focus. When each vision comes through I give sincere gratitude to God. Then I write down my next goal on the board. I get some sense of achievement when I see all these goals marked off, Little things I know, but it pleases my beautiful creative mind. I get the feeling of peace and serenity, this brings butterflies flocking into my tummy. The motto of my blog today is <Never giving up, keep believing in yourself and your expectations in life. Always give gratitude for each gift of abundance received. Life will send more of what we focus on. Dream big my readers. Stay safe and well. Keep smiling my lovely readers. Watch this space.