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This Podcast is on Channel 2 today 12 the of November.

Please Watch the Feisty renal warrior in her prime x


My New Kidney Transplant countdown

To, Sid With Love. Sitting comfortably on my hospital bed, for four long hours at a time every Tuesday Thursday and Saturday, attached by needles and tubes from my upper left leg to my dialysis machine. This procedure happens for the rest of my life or until I receive a successful kidney transplant and can live without my life-saving machine. Most morning I happily read or watch television. We all have our own 32-inch telly above the hospital bed. How blessed we are. this is all thanks to Sister Brenda. the Nursing Sr in charge. Any funds that are donated from family members of deceased patients This funding is used to benefit the patients, that are on kidney dialysis. Next time I talk about Sid you will maybe have an idea of what happens to your Liz. I go on the Sid machine around 07.30 to 08.00am Sid is a nickname, really it started off as Sidney the dynamic Kidney, this was then changed to plain old Sid. The name makes it more personal to me and my friends, Now Sid needs the A team to keep him ticking along nicely. We have Angels are nurses, Care Bears are the machine movers and shakers, technicians keep Sid running, Catering assistants fill our tummies with food, Laundrymen keep us warm with fresh laundry, clean blankets, and sheeting. and cleaners plus bin men Everything runs like clockwork in our Unit. The Caterer comes usually at 09.30am With a pot of rosy lea tea fresh crispy hot toast or biscuits. This breaks the monotony in the 4-hour session, for most patients that are allowed food. A nice treat to eat for the privileged few. Some patients suffer from low blood pressure when they eat on their machines. this brings bad cramp. Therefore these patients are nil by mouth. Sometimes I bring a sneaky bag of Mr. Tayto, Salt and Vinegar crisps to tickle my taste buds,, and a Diet drink to have when I go on Sid. Don’t get me wrong here we all have our grumble about the Government and shoddy hospitals etc There’s the good side too Only for my amazing A team Consultants Drs and all I have mentioned I would be 6 foot under, Therefore I give my sincere gratitude to the Taxpayers that work damn hard to give money for our hospitals and all the magnificent people who do their utmost to save lives. Red tape has a lot to do with things not running smoothly. Lack of funding Young Doctors and Nurses don’t help the Bed situation. Love what you do Do what you love, Namaste dear hearts. May our God go with us on this 100 year Armistice Memorial Anniversary 11.11 .11. God Rest their souls.

DAY 55 My Photo for today’s Moments In Time With Bernadette with Liz McCue‘s Book ‘Thursday’s Child. This book was created through Waterford Healing Arts Trust at University Hospital Waterford. Liz is a Renal Dialysis Patient. Helping her get the word out about her book. #sheisWaterford


My New Kidney Transplant countdown

My day off from my machine. I was hoping to go to the nearest town of Dungarvan To buy my weekly shop. Alas, this was not to be, the weather outside put a spoke in our plans. A truly atrocious gale blowing and God is crying buckets of rain. I love my trips to the nearby town. There is a great Fish shop called Helvick Fish shop. Which is near Super Valu. Pat the fishmonger man always puts a smile on my lips, with his jocular banter. There are lots to chose from. Even if there are storms, and the fishermen are confined to dry land. Pat will always have some farmed fish instead. To tickle our Marine loving taste buds. Super Value always has money off deals and my postman James is kept on his toes delivering them through my letterbox. Good on James O, He is just like 007 fighting trials to reach the final letterbox each day. Traveling around in his white Postman Pat van with a grin on his face and a pair of trendy designer knee-length shorts in all weathers We are lucky to have him, He knows all the houses and everyone’s name No need for these new Postcodes. 15.45pm There is the sign of a lull coming in the weather God is still crying however the wind has eased slightly. Things might be improving. Let us shed a thought on all the homeless and destitute that live out in all weathers. No home to call their own. Mothers Fathers and Children put in Hotel rooms, living on top of each other in this one room. How unfair to the children However this cannot be helped. The Government needs to build new housing in every Town City and rural village and suburbs On days like this when I have all my riches in abundance I always give gratitude to God. For everything in my life. Do what you love. Love what you do. Namaste dear hearts <3

My New Kidney Transplant countdown

Hello, everyone. I have missed writing my blog. I have had time off. Due to stresses and strains. Thank goodness I’m back on track. Today went reasonably well, on the dialysis machine. I had a lovely surprise from my sister, across the pond in England. We had lost contact for ages, out of the blue she phoned this afternoon. I was out doing my daily errands, I saw the red light flicking on the home phone. When I checked the messages to see my sister Anna had phoned me.. I called, and we had a good catch up. Putting the world to rights. Blood is thicker than water, and always will be in my books. We are like twins Both born March the 10, On my 14th birthday, Anna Maria McCue arrived safely into this World. We can read each other’s mind. We share. ESP Telepathic and of course Empathy. We have such a strong bond between us. We even know when one of us is in pain Although we are an ocean apart, the other sibling can feel exactly where the pain is. I love my darling sister with all my heart. I felt elated chatting to her about family memories and news. She is the best. I am have her and my Nephews Scott, Denny. and Niece Megan. My 2 great nieces, Amelia and Emily. Plus their mummy Danielle. Scots another half. My own little family. I am another day nearer my new Kidney. I saw my Consultant today He is pleased with my progress, good health and my creative writing to keep me occupied while I wait for the new gift of Life. I am glad to be back on my blog. Thank you, my followers, for your support on my Internet platform. Stay safe in the Orange warning Heave rain Strong gale force winds. Do what you love. Love what you do. Namaste dear hearts. <3

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