Tea Room Tales started off as in cheap and cheerful copybook bought from Tescos. I started writing it for the kidney dialysis patients in our unit & to keep notes for our Irish Kidney Association quarterly magazine. Most times I updated the magazine of what was happening in our Waterford unit. The little diary has now turned into a beautiful Journal that will last for years on end. It is bound with a hardback binding cover and pages that will remain perfect.  After my haemodialysis session, at the Waterford University Hospital. I had my turn on the podium, to speak in front of 35 Consultants, Midwives & locums, the head nursing staff and professionals from our own and other hospitals. It was called “Everyday Opportunities” held in The Elva Auditorium in the grounds of the hospital. What a great privilege to see all the speakers and honorary consultants listening to my speech about life as a long-term Kidney Dialysis patient and how I make a difference by thinking of others. Plus Writing Tea Room tales, with a dilapidated little Cheap and cheerful diary. The Waterford Healing Arts Helped with our Sister in charge Brenda to capture my old dilapidated diary that was on its last legs with coffee and tea stains, torn pages and the odd few scribbles. Now we are very chic and up to date with our 10-year diary book. To write down the comings and goings of our Tea room and dialysis unit I am eternally grateful to the Waterford Healing Arts Trust, Sr Brenda Rowan and Philip Cullen from the Waterford Healing Arts Trust., It made me feel really special and it was a big achievement for me. Even though I could have done with a diaper. Talk about being nervous. I was shaking like a leaf in a strong wind. Sitting up there in front of everyone giving my speech with the medical profession at the Elva Auditorium I was proud as punch and delighted with all the applause for my public speaking. I even made them laugh a few times. What a sense of achievement to the Feisty renal warrior. Liz McCue.